What’s up with all the faces?! And other thoughts on profile pics 

Seriously. Why post a pic of yourself frowning, looking sad, or despondent on a dating site? What’s up with the “Face of Gloom”?

If you look bored in all your pics, I’m going to think you’re blah and boring. We want to date people who are exciting and who we’re excited to be around. No one wants to be with grumpy face.

If you’re not happy with life, a mate isn’t going to cure your unhappiness long-term. Sure, it might be a momentary fix, but this gal doesn’t want to be with someone that needs “fixing” or thinks only a mate will cure their misery.

Other random thoughts and questions after a hiatus from online dating sites:

  • What’s up (no pun intended) with non-selfie erect dick pics. I’m not sure if that should be a question or a statement. Either way, having someone else take a full body pic of you with your erect dick…
  • Please take your sunglasses off for at least one pic. Is that too much to ask?
  • Show your face. Unless you’re looking outside your current relationship, then at least indicate that you’re “looking for some discrete fun” in your profile.
  • No public bathroom pics. Please.
  • I don’t want to look at a picture that includes me looking up your nose. Especially if you have excess nose hair. Gross.
  • Never, when you’re in your 40s, indicate that you live with your parents. Even if it’s true. Let us find that out a bit later.
  • Dump the duck face.
  • Speaking of animals, why are you holding a dead animal other than a fish?
  • Using only group photos? How are we supposed to know who you are?! And if you’re the only guy with groups of random women, we’re going to assume you’re a womanizer or a douche. Or both.
  • You have a urinal in the background of your pic. Seriously? WTF.
  • I might have swiped right ‘cause I think your dog’s cuter than you….

We’ll see how this round of trying the meeting people online in order to date in real life goes (and yes, that sentence is not grammatically correct). If anything, it will be amusing!

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