I never imagined that a little over 6 months after my now-ex husband announced he wanted out of our marriage of 12+ years I’d be celebrating my freedom. He wanted out so he could explore his sexual freedom (aka sleeping with hookers). Ironically, I’m the one who is now enjoying my freedom.

I’ve started dating again. So far I’ve only met people via an online source (a popular site, not Tinder or eHarmony). Several first dates, a few second dates, and have date #3 with one guy planned for this weekend. I’m not ready for anything serious. Nor am I looking for casual hook-ups. I just want to have fun, date lots of guys, and figure out what I want and need next in a relationship. Divorce has a way of helping is figure out what we don’t want. I know the basics of what I want, or rather a basic range, but beyond that? Well, that’s the fun part!

I’ll be sharing my highs and lows of dating and the “interesting” profiles that I come across, along with advice for guys on what not to do – either with your profile/profile pictures or on a date. I don’t pretend to be an expert, just someone with experience!


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